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This website "Bookmakers 2U" "" is operated by Tum Totalmedia, a private company. This website "Bookmakers 2U" "" is completely free to use, ie no registration is required to visit the website. We, therefore, have no access to any personal data. This website "Bookmakers 2U" "" uses cookies to improve the user experience. (cookies are a text file that is stored in your device or disappears when you leave the page)

This website "Bookmakers 2U" "" is NOT aimed at anyone under 18 years of age. This website "Bookmakers 2U" "" clarifies that when you register with a gaming company/gaming site, it is important to read their terms and bonus rules before accepting any bonus offer/welcome offer /promotional offer. This website "Bookmakers 2U" "" also wants to clarify that online gambling can create a gambling addiction for problem gamblers.

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