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Online Bookmakers & Casinos to avoid!

These online bookmakers & casinos are (for various reasons) listed with the lowest rating score by us. (2/5 considered with caution) or (1/5 to avoid). We do NOT recommend any site listed here. PLEASE NOTE +18 age limit and terms and conditions apply to sports betting and online gaming activities. Make sure to play responsibly wherever you play!

Malta operators

BML Group Limited (MGA/CRP/108/2004),,,,
Casumo Services Limited (MGA/CRP/217/2012/05), (UK surrendered)
Dumarca Gaming Limited (MGA/CRP/169/2009),,
Dunder Limited (MGA/CRP/259/201401)
Genesis Global Limited (MGA/CRP/314/2015),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Interwetten Gaming Limited (MGA/B2C/110/2004),,
IZI Interactive LTD (MGA/B2C/345/2016),,
Mill of Magic Limited (MGA/CRP/259/2014)
NetPlay Malta Ltd (MGA/CRP/108/2004-04),
PinBet Malta Limited (MGA/B2C/290/2015)
Polar Limited (MGA/CRP/681/2019)
RaceBets International Gaming Limited (MGA/CRP/108/2004-02)
RULEO Alpenland AG (MGA/B2C/768/2019),
Tipico Co. Ltd (MGA/B2C/101/2004),
Universe Entertainment Services Malta Limited (MGA/B2C/249/2013),,
Zecure Gaming Limited (MGA/CRP/108/2004-05),,,,

UK operators

TGP Europe Limited (UKGC: Account number 38898),,,,,,
Casumo Services Limited (UKGC: Account number 39265, Surrendered)
Zecure Gaming Limited (UKGC account number: 56427)

About ratings

The rating assessment is based on research, experiences, and players' opinions. We value reliability, security, and payment management as the most important, but popularity, products, customer support, and reputation also have a significant impact. A complete rating overview for each gaming company is found in bookmaker and casino reviews. We are constantly conducting new research with the ambition to improve the rating guide. We also recommend doing your research. Please note that the English version of our website only rates gambling companies with Malta and UK licenses.
Rating scale
5/5 Top-rated
4/5 Highly rated
3/5 Recommended
2/5 Considered with caution
1/5 To be avoided

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