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Bookmakers 2U is an independent review and rating guide within online bookmakers/gaming & betting sites/sportsbooks/casinos. Bookmakers 2U was started by a group of Swedish players with many years of experience in sports games and casino games. Therefore, we also believe that we are more aware than other help guides online. We have compared bookmakers/gaming sites since 2009. Our site was originally called BonusExtra, but in 2010 we changed the name to Bookmakers 2U. Since then, we have guided many players to choose the right bookmaker/betting site/Sportsbook/casino. Our guide is completely free to use - No registration is required to use our site. Please note that we are unable to assist with issues related to late payments/withdrawals or other issues that may arise with your gaming site. However, you can contact us with other questions and/or about our website. Thanks for your understandings.

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