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A little story about Bookmakers 2U and the people behind the site. Our online betting guide was launched in 2009. The site was originally called BonusExtra but already in 2010 we changed our name to Bookmakers 2U and since then we have guided lots of players to choose the best gaming companies online.

We were started by a group of Swedish players with many years of experience in sports betting and casino games online. By the end of the 1990s, we had been very successful, especially in sports betting. However, we realized the importance of launching a website to help others to succeed in the same way we had succeeded and at the same time help ourselves.

So how did we make money on online sports betting? One way was to look for free safe betting, also called "surebets". This proved to be very useful in accelerating our cash balance. Another important necessity was to register with different online gaming sites, so this way we could always use the best odds. Additionally, we took part of welcome offers and used daily campaigns. We realized that the most important thing was to use only reliable gaming companies. From here we got our idea of ​​developing a rating guide for online gaming companies.

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