Belgian bookmakers list

This page was last updated on November 12, 2017.

Bookmaker Rating Belgian Licence Reviews 7/7 Yes Review
Betclic 7/7 Unknown Review 6/7 Yes Review
BetFIRST 5/7 Yes Review 4/7 Yes Review

B2U rating is an independent rating guide based on bookmakers research, the players' opinion and our experiences where safety is most important in our valuation. Please note. Partnership with the bookie also has a grading impact. We do all the time research and new assessments to improve our ratings. We also suggest to investigate on your own when you choose your Sportsbook online.

Grading scale

7/7 Top Performance

6/7 Highly rated

5/7 Recommended

4/7 Average rated

3/7 Considered with some caution.

2/7 Considered with extra caution.

1/7 To be avoided.