New York Governor opens up for mobile sports betting

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems positive to legalize mobile sports betting, US media reports. The road to legal mobile sports betting in the state of New York has been long and difficult, but now all indications that the former skeptical governor Andrew Cuomo is open to the legalization of mobile sports betting. The main reason seems to be due to the economic deficit that prevails in the New York state. An approval of mobile sports games would provide large tax revenues but also many new job opportunities for the New Yorkers.
New York
Cuomo has in recent weeks spoken publicly about a change to allow sports betting in the state of New York online. Cuomo said at a press conference on Wednesday: "We want to make sports bets in the way that the state runs the lottery where the state receives the revenue. Many states have made sports betting but they basically allow casinos to run their own gaming operations. It gives a lot of money to casinos but it makes minimal money for the state, and I'm not here to make money for casinos. I'm here to raise money for the state."
However, it has been mentioned in the media that the government of Andrew Cuomo's proposed model for sports betting in New York lacks the support of two legislators who have pushed for online gambling in the state. Senator Joe Addabbo Jr. and parishioner Gary Pretlow released a 2021 new online betting bill on Thursday night. Many of the details are similar to the 2019-2020 version, among other things:
  • A one-time fee of $ 12 million will be required for anyone who runs a mobile sportsbook in the state.
  • Mobile sports betting revenue will be taxed at 12%. The state must set aside 5% of the tax revenue for problem gambling.
  • Official league data and royalty fees for sports leagues.