KSA fines Curacao licensed operator for illegal online gaming

KSA_Netherlands FlagThe Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has imposed fines to Virtual Coin Gaming N.V. (600,000 euros) for illegal online gaming activities.

It was stated that the company Virtual Coin Gaming N.V. in Curaçao, the company behind the websites www.futgalaxy.nl and nl.futgamer.com, was fined half a million euros. Additionally, an involved private person was fined 100,000 euros. KSA found that minors, or at least young adults, took part in the games of chance which, was one of the reasons for the increased fines.

KSA clarifies that they take priority AGAINST illegal games of chance that specifically target Dutch consumers. That was the case with both websites. It was mention that both websites used the Dutch languages and one of the sites used the payment method iDEAL and the website extension.nl.

The Dutch Games of Chance Act, which stipulates that a game of chance may only be offered if a license has been granted for this. However, The current Dutch law does not make it possible to apply for a license for online games of chance. This will change due to the Remote Gaming Act. that will come into effect in 2021. Under strict conditions, it will be possible to obtain a license for offering games of chance via the internet. Supervision is then possible so that players can play protected in the Netherlands.