Sweden strengthens work against illegal gaming companies and match-fixing

Sweden FlagThe Swedish government is now stepping up its work against illegal gambling companies, illegal gambling, and match-fixing.

The Swedish Minister of Social Insurance Ardalan Shekarabi (S) announced at a press conference that Gunnar Larsson (Director General of the Chamber of Deputies) has been chosen for the task of identifying obstacles and proposing solutions for more effective supervision of illegal gambling in Sweden. The task includes how the work against match-fixing can be strengthened.

Shekarabi believes that it is partly necessary to protect vulnerable consumers but also to protect the licensed gaming companies in Sweden against the illegal competition in the market.

Ardalan Shekarabi said: "We have a responsibility to protect, above all, vulnerable consumers from illegal gambling, but also to protect the serious players in the gambling market from unfair competition. Increased efforts are needed to exclude illegal gambling from the Swedish gambling market. We are now also intensifying the work against match-fixing and organized crime". "The Swedish government is prepared to take further measures and increased efforts".

Gunnar Larsson says: "My idea is not to be a hunter against rogue actors but rather to remove legal obstacles". He also mentioned that his tasks included increasing collaboration with authorities and ensuring that the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate and the match-fixing council's assignments are reviewed.