GC urges gaming operators to be responsible during the UK lockdown

UK Gambling CommissionNeil McArthur (Chief Executive - Gambling Commission) announced that UK online gambling operators must think responsibly during the UK lockdown.

His call: "Consumer protection must be of the highest importance". The Gaming Commission expects operators to act responsibly, especially with regard to individual customers' affordable controls and increased social responsibility interactions. It is also expected that operators are very aware that customers may be vulnerable and experience financial insecurity, while others may experience other effects of becoming isolated, including feelings of anxiety, loneliness, or boredom. It was also mentioned that the operators should know their customers and act if they show signs that they experience or risk being injured by their gambling.

Marketing must be conducted responsibly such as:

  • Operators are not allowed to use the current situation for marketing purposes and should be very careful about cross-selling online gaming products to customers who have registered to bet.
  • Operators are expected to inform new customers in a socially responsible way. It is also expected that the subsidiaries will act in the right way.
  • Operators shall treat consumers fairly and communicate with them in a clear way that allows them to make a properly informed judgment about whether to gamble.
  • Operators shall work with the GC in an open and co-operative way and act in accordance with both the letter or the spirit of the regulatory framework we have set.
  • Gambling Commission expect operators to act in a way that minimises the risks to the licensing objectives.