GVC casino / poker brands banned from being advertised in Germany

GVC Affiliates announcement to stop all advertising for their German casino / poker brands. Please ensure you take the above actions before 15th October 2020.

The message: - With the German federal state’s introduction of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling in 2021, they have agreed to a transitional period to allow gambling operators to adjust to the new regulations. These new regulations will come into force from 15th October 2020 and we will require you to ad here (to follow the German guidelines) to the following:

  • Ensure that you have removed all banners and promotional text relating to casino and poker products from all GVC brands from your German website(s).
  • Remove all promotional material for casino/poker products belonging to all GVC brands, such as landing pages and banners that you have acquired through our affiliate system from all German facing websites (these will be taken down from our affiliate system on 14th October 2020).
  • Stop any social media, app or network activity for casino/poker products belonging to all GVC brands that target German players.
  • Pause any media buying that targets German casino/poker players for all GVC brands.
It was also mentioned that their Sports brands will continue to operate as before – they do invite you to change the affiliate promotional activity towards them; slots and poker products will remain available In compliance with the upcoming tolerance policy. They are however stopping all advertising in relation to these products to comply with the above-mentioned regulatory guidelines.