The Kindred Affiliates introducing Reward Program (K.A.R.P)

Kindred Affiliates K.A.R.P

Kindred Affiliates bring you the latest innovation with the launch of its reward program (K.A.R.P). Partners have a chance to grab exclusive prizes over the coming months (KARP will run from 1st October until 31st December 2020). In short this a loyalty program to reward its partners on a regular basis for being part of the Kindred Affiliates family. The concept is based around a Affiliate Shop promotion where its partners can buy with Reward Points.

This is how it works based on 3 different metrics: New Depositing Players, Sign Ups, and New Active customers, Kindred have designed a formula where those 3 metrics will translate into Reward Points which you can exchange in shop for prizes. Kindred will be taking your overall statistics from Q3 2020, and using that as a base to calculate your points moving forward. Every two weeks, Kindred will take your totals for the 3 metrics, and using a formula which calculate your Reward Points total.

What you can win: The Shop has 9 prizes a month on offer, ranging from products and vouchers, to cold hard cash. PLEASE NOTE. All opted-in affiliates need to read the promotional T&Cs and fill in a form in taking part.