German approval for online games with certain requirements

German flag

Media have reported that Germany's 16 states have approved a plan to tolerate online gaming operators to offer their gaming products before the new German federal gaming agreement enters into force on July 1, 2021. However, certain requirements must be met by operators. These include strict deposit limits and a bet limit of € 1 per spin for online slots. Table casino games will also not be allowed during the transition period. For sports wagering, betting during the current match is limited to the next goalscorer and final result.

Other restrictions were a monthly 1,000 euro game limit but players can apply to increase this limit to 10,000 euros under certain conditions. This included a loss limit that prevents losses of more than 20 percent of the maximum bet amount for the player. Gaming operators who follow the new rules by October 15 will be sure that they will not be prosecuted by German authorities.

It turned out that Saarland was the last state to agree to the proposal, whose support was far from enthusiastic because many states considered that the draft treaty did not contain sufficient player protection measures. The state of Bremen reluctantly accepted tolerance based on its fear that failure to support the plan could mean that the new treaty - which followed a decade of ineffective efforts - could collapse and leave the market in its largely unregulated state. However, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has called on federal authorities to continue prosecuting incompatible online gambling operators.