HexaBingo - in collaboration with Kindred and Relax Gaming


Kindred has together with the software supplier Relax Gaming developed a new, unique game, HexaBingo. HexaBingo is a fun gaming novelty with fast game rounds and an equal chance of winning for everyone who participates and plays. HexaBingo allows a maximum of three players who have one tile each, which means that the chance of winning is one in three to win each game. HexaBingo is now offered by Kindred's brands Unibet, Maria Casino and Bingo.com.

Maja Carlberg, head of the Kindred bingo business, says: "We are proud to listen to our customers and it was important for us to address the less fun parts of the traditional game while strengthening the parts of bingo we know the players love. We set out to create something different and exciting that was not completely distanced from what players recognize as bingo. " She continues: "A problem with traditional bingo is that games are scheduled for a fixed time that does not always work around a modern, and hectic life. Players want to play at a time that suits them best, but still have a chance at a great prize outside Peak hours."

How HexaBingo works (video)

Players can take advantage of a unique feature that makes it possible to see the other players' tiles so you know exactly what number your opponents are waiting for to win. The game graphics have been designed specifically with an understanding of how important the 1-to-go moment is for bingo players.