Norway's new gaming legislation awaits EU approval

Last week, Norway submitted its new gambling law to the EU for review and to ensure that it complies with European Union regulations. Interested parties have the right to submit objections until 13 November. If the EU does not find any fault, the new Norwegian Gaming Act will enter into force on 1 January 2021. The country's three existing gaming laws - the Lottery Act, the Gaming Act, and the Totalizator Act into one unit. At the same time, the government will have greater powers to fight unauthorized competitors in the market.

The proposed Gaming Act is a ban on marketing and contributions to the marketing of gaming products that are not permitted under this Act. This also included marketing that could increase the risk of problem gamblers. The new policy also aims to ensure that gaming marketing is not too extensive or aimed at minors and vulnerable individuals. Abid Raja, the Norwegian Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, has previously said that the goal is to ensure responsible gambling and to prevent gambling problems and other negative consequences. Raja also mentioned that it is seeking an effective operation from the monopolies Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto by holding the government responsible for appointing senior executives and board members.

Norsk Tipping's responsible gaming manager Bjørn Helge Hoffmann recently commented on a University of Bergen study which found that 1.4% of Norwegian players could be classified as problem players, up from 0.9% five years ago. Hoffman also said that the study showed the importance of stopping advertising for casino games and also limiting the availability of foreign gaming companies.