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1xBet frozen account due to arbitrage betting - €24,000 (EUR) dispute

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A 1xBet player claims that Curacao-based 1xBet has had his account frozen with a balance of € 24,000 (EUR) due to arbitrage betting. Only the deposit was paid back and the rest of the balance was confiscated. The player claimed: "I deposit €1,000 (EUR) on my account after I found that they offer the best odds in Tennis. I did nothing illegal. My balance went quickly up to €24,000 (EUR) and I was betting only on value matches. Then they froze my account and said I was betting on arbitrage. In my opinion, 1xBet stole my fair winnings and I only got my deposit back."

Although many players have had problems with 1xBet according to various betting forums and our google research, it seems that several major European football clubs trust them. Recently, 1xBet and FC Barcelona agreed on a new partnership for the next five seasons. The agreement came into effect on July 1 and will continue until June 30, 2024. However, it has come to our knowledge that English top clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham have chosen to end their partnership and this is probably the reason why 1xBet now are looking for partners in Spain and other countries in Europe.