Norway is moving towards a new regulation of the gaming market?

Menon Economics AS has published its report on the economic effects of a re-regulation of the Norwegian online gaming market. The company was commissioned by the Norwegian Industrial Association for Online Gaming (NBO) to conduct a socio-economic analysis of a licensing scheme for online gambling in Norway. The Norwegian Industry Association for Online Gaming (NBO) was formed in January by the Betsson Group, Kindred Group, Gaming Innovation Group, and ComeOn.
The report noted that the introduction of a licensing model in Norway would have positive socio-economic effects and also increase supervision, thereby providing a safe and secure environment for Norwegian consumers. The report also stated that, contrary to the continuation of today's exclusive rights model, a licensing system will provide increased revenue for socially favorable conditions and increased government control.
The report also stated that increased exposure to marketing games will, in isolation, lead to a slightly greater risk of problem gambling. At the same time, the possibility of a more coordinated and targeted intervention for problem gambling, since a large part of the market is regulated, can help to reverse this effect. It is therefore unclear what the total impact on problem gambling will be.
It was also mentioned that increased marketing from foreign players could bring greater profits for Norwegian media and sports teams. Stronger competition can lead to somewhat higher price pressure, but the introduction of taxes for private players can dampen this effect. The total impact on consumer benefits will, therefore, be uncertain. All in all, there are good reasons to expect that a licensing scheme will be socially financially viable.