Betfair doubts - UK will not leaving the EU before the deadline


The latest speculation and odds indicate that The UK does not leave the EU by the deadline of 29 March. Betfair - the world's largest betting exchange agrees about that. Exchange players can back or lay prices at the odds 5.10 /1.24 at selection - Brexit UK to leave EU by 29/03/19? There are also a number of other UK political markets and Brexit markets to bet or lay markets with Betfair. Katie Baylis of Betfair says: "With Theresa May's deal not expected to be voted through tomorrow (see today) - it's now just 1/20 to be rejected - attention is starting to turn to what that will happen next, with a big question mark over whether we will even be in a position to leave by the March 29 deadline."

  • House of Commons to pass Brexit deal at 1st meaningful vote
  • Another EU referendum before 2020
  • Theresa May Exit Dates
  • Next Conservative Party Leader
  • Year of next general election
  • Prime Minister after Theresa May