Gaming companies risk getting rid of their Swedish license

Swedish gaming
There are a number of gaming companies that recently have had their Swedish license received, that violated the law against players which have shut down themselves. According to the agreement, these may not play as long as the shutdown remains. This was noticed by a couple of reporters at who recently made a more thorough examination at all Swedish gaming companies to see if the new laws were followed. In total, there were 4 gaming companies that handle a total of 24 gaming sites which was considered to have violated the agreement, but none of the "big Swedish sharks" are involved. The investigation also showed that the reporters were able to create accounts with a number of other Swedish sites, something that should not be possible according to the new regulation in Sweden.

According to the Swedish Gaming Authority (at communications manager Anders Sims, the shortcomings are serious.

"It is of course extremely important that it works. You should be able to rely on the system. What it depends on, we do not really know, we have first been assured that the error is not from our side. When we have done that, we can check it more accurate. We will take action against gaming companies who have not succeeded in following the rules for any reason."