Facebook Advertising a Threat To Affiliates?

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The new regulation of the Swedish gaming market has opened up new opportunities and channels to the Swedish-licensed gaming companies. Since the beginning of the year, online casinos and betting sites is free to advertise in Swedish newspapers and on social media. Kindred group's Sweden manager Dersim Sylwan says that advertising on social media will be important and he added that they aim to reduce the focus on affiliate marketing according to an article at breakit.se.

"Social Media is a channel that has a high reach but also allows us to advertise efficiently and data-driven and offers very good follow-up tools" "Affiliates is also an important channel, but since we have some of the market's most well-known brands that we have invested a lot of resources over the years, our strategy is rather to reduce traffic from there now when channels like Google and Facebook have been opened up."

Maria Gustafsson, Head Of Online at LeoVegas:
“With the regulation, we get a broader toolbox with marketing channels. On Facebook, we have full control and ownership of our activities and have the opportunity to act quickly, and in a more visual way communicate with potential customers earlier in the decision-making process and work with several goals such as brand awareness, preference, and conversion, ”