Pinnacle Sports & Casino is considered with caution


Pinnacle customers are experiencing late Bitcoin/Bitpay payouts according to various betting forums. Other problems we have noticed - bets have been Cancelled (including Live betting matches), although these have not been proportional to printing errors. We have also read about dissatisfied Casino players which claim Pinnacle does not provide the claims or cashback rewards they have been promised. Other question marks - Affiliates Department (For our part) ads has not been updated in the past year and tracking cookies seem worse since 4-5 years back in time. For these reasons, we do not find Pinnacle as good or safe as it once was. Pinnacle is downgraded to 2-/5 and is considered with caution by B2U until further notice.

Payout problems - technical issues

Dear client, 
"We regret to inform you there is a delay in the processing of your last Bitpay withdrawal due to unforeseen technical issues. Our Payments Department is working on a solution and we hope you will receive the funds soon. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with an approximate time frame. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience."

Customer Service Department / Pinnacle

Licenses in specific countries - No thanks

Pinnacle has not shown any kind of interests in searching and activate gaming licenses for countries in Europe such as Great Britain, Denmark, and Sweden to name a few. Instead, Pinnacle has chosen to exclude players from such countries. However, they have obtained a Maltese license, besides a Curacao casino license.

Pinnacle - Some history

  • Pinnacle (more known as) Pinnacle Sports was founded in 1998 and has since then offered sports betting and online casino products. (and earlier also poker)
  • Pinnacle became the first sportsbook to introduce a reduced margin pricing model (reduced juice) for their players.
  • Pinnacle is known to accept highest betting stakes for sports bets. 
  • Pinnacle has been honored for the fastest payouts in the betting industry. 
  • Year 2007, Pinnacle´s major clientele disappeared when US players were banned.
  • Year 2014, Due to changes to British gambling licensing regulations, Pinnacle decided to stop their services to any players resident in Great Britain.
  • Pinnacle Sports rebrands to Pinnacle on June 1, 2016.
  • January 2019, Pinnacle announces domain change to and Swedish residents are No longer accepted.