5Dimes Sportsbook adjusted odds - considered with caution

5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes Sportsbook is downgraded to rating 2-/5 by B2U. We found a big question mark regarding the adjusted odds. So, it is quite obvious that players choose to bet with a Sportsbook that offers the highest odds. Example: 5Dimes offers odds 1.90 on a specific game and the second highest Sports betting site offers another price, say 1.83. Then you risk 5Dimes lowering your prize after the game is finished as follows:

"If a wager with an erroneous line is not voided before the game/play begins, 5Dimes Management reserves the right to remedy the odds to a fair market price which would have been available at the time the wager was placed. This price remedy may be applied during or after an event. Only the odds will be corrected on an erroneous line. The risk amount, applicable spread and total will always remain unchanged. A player will never benefit from betting on a clearly erroneous line. Repeat offenders will not be tolerated."

One 5Dimes player says: "I'm done with them. They could tell me they don't want my bets instead of stealing money." Another 5Dimes player says: "It's cheating."  A third player says: "Sportsbooks on SBR with A+ rating should hold the highest standard. It´s wrong rate them A+."