Bet365 move to Malta completed

Bet365 has relocated its operations from Gibraltar to Malta and the move seems now completed.

Starting on November 27, 2018, your relationship with Hillside (Sports) LP (HSLP) will be moved to Hillside (Sports) ENC (HSE) and your relationship to Hillside (Gaming) LP (HGLP) will be moved to Hillside (Gaming) ENC (HGE). Both the HSE and HGE are members of the bet365 group and licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

These changes will not affect the service you provide and your account information, including balances, live games and active bonuses will remain unchanged.

In order to continue using bet365's services, you first need to approve new terms and conditions, a new privacy policy and cookies policy together with HSE and HGE (Rules). As part of this process, your personal data will be moved from HSLP to HSE and from HGLP to HGE where applicable.