Swedish Government proposes a new gambling law on gaming taxation

On 21 December, the Swedish Government decided to forward the proposal on referral to the council. The new proposal has also been sent to EU for notification. After the law's review, the government will present a proposition in the parliament later this spring. The government will also develop regulations (which complement the law) and Lotteriinspektionen (the authority to ensure that lotteries, casino games, and other gaming activities in Sweden are exercised legally, safely and reliably) have already developed draft regulations from the Authority (as complements both law and regulation).

A gaming authority makes a decision on a license. The license is given for a maximum of five years and allowed be combined with conditions. The game contains six different types of licenses. Most interesting of these 6 different licenses we found 1) Commercial online gaming license may be given to providing casino games, online bingo and computer simulated gaming and is open to search for market players. 2) Betting permission may include betting online and other bets, such as betting on the outcome of electronically simulated sports events. This license form is also open to search for all actors in the market.

Other stated in the proposal
About Player Registration. A licensee must register the person who wants to participate in games and determine a player's identity before the game starts. The government or authority authorized by the government may grant exemptions from the registration obligation. About Player Accounts. Licensers for online games must open a game account for each registered player. All financial transactions to and from the game account must be registered. The licensee shall give the player access to information associated with the game account.

Responsible gaming
A licensee shall protect players against excessive gambling and help players to reduce their gambling when there is a reason (duty of care). The licensee shall comply with the registered players' behavior in order to counteract excessive gaming issues. There should be a possibility for players to turn off games. The gaming authority shall establish and maintain a register of players for temporary or permanent suspension of any game company. The age limit of 18 is introduced to play and the under 20 age must not be given access to a casino. It is not allowed for a licensee to offer or leave credit for action in the game. It is not allowed for a licensee to offer or leave promotional offers other than at the first time the player participates in a game.

The gaming regulations apply to gaming activities for money provided in Sweden. Requirements for Gambling/Gaming should be appropriate from a public point of view and conducted in a healthy and safe manner under public control, which means:

  • That the games must have a high level of consumer protection.
  • That there is high security in the games.
  • To limit the negative consequences of gambling.
  • That games should not be used as support for the criminal activity.