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Bet365 Affiliates stops cooperating with us - compliance reason

We find that many other bet365 partners have received the same explanation from bet365 Affiliates. Even though we consider bet365 to be one of the world's best sports betting & gaming companies (ranked as number 1 by B2U for many years), so we have no longer the opportunity to market them. We have recently received an email from Bet365 Affiliates. Here is a part of it.

Dear Affiliate, As a responsible operator, we must ensure that we can work compliantly with all affiliate partners. To ensure such compliance, we feel that it is necessary to reduce the number of affiliate partners that we have. It is with deep regret that we are therefore sending you this email as notice of the termination of our affiliate marketing relationship with you with immediate effect and require you to immediately remove all bet365 promotion.

We apologize for any dissatisfaction in advance and want to be clear that our decision is simply to ensure that we can continue to meet our legal and regulatory obligations in a focused and streamlined way. Notwithstanding this termination of our affiliate marketing relationship with you, we recognize and appreciate your hard work during our relationship and, subject to the below and as a gesture of goodwill, will, therefore, honor your revenue share payments for customers that you have already referred to us.

Despite the fact that our affiliate marketing relationship with you has ended, you will be able to continue to log in to your account in order to check your balance and make withdrawals of these funds. To enable you to receive commissions from customers that you have already referred as outlined above, we will need to verify that you have removed all promotion of bet365 from your sites/channels and you will have to ensure that clicks from your advertising do not appear within any of our future reports. If or when we are in a position to enable you to promote bet365 again in the future, we will, of course, be in touch and would hope that at that time you would be willing to work with us again.